Have you recently purchased or built a new dog house for your pampered pooch only to find that he or she doesn’t seem to notice it, much less use it? First of all, you want to make sure your dog house is fully equipped and up to not only keeping your dog clean and dry, but also offers protection from extreme climates and elements. Dog houses should have good insulation and be built up off the ground enough so it doesn’t flood when it rains. Wood is a great insulator, but igloo dog houses are also designed to keep your dog at comfortable temperatures in cold or warm weather.

To introduce the dog to his dog house, start off by encouraging him to check out his new abode by bringing him to the house and then throwing a few of his favorite dog treats inside. Take it a step further by filling a dog kong with peanut butter and attaching it to the back of the dog house using a short string. Some pet owners also place their dog’s food inside, but you will want to make sure this doesn’t end up being a rodent feeder by removing the food when your dog’s done eating.

Keep your dog’s favorite dog pillows and beds in the house. To inspire your dog to use his dog house, you want it to to be irresistibly cozy. --A simple rug on the floor or dog blanket may not be your dog’s idea of cozy. If temperatures are expected to drop, add some extra dog throws or blankets to make sure your dog stays comfortable and warm.

In the end, a dog will retreat to his dog house if they are cold or in need of shelter. So make sure everything is set and then sit back and relax and know that if your dog is still chilling outside, he’s probably just fine.