If you are new to the world of dogs, you are probably just learning about crate training and all the great reasons you should consider using a dog crate for your pet. Pet owners who crate their dogs will quickly come to realize how practical having a way to cover your crate at times, effectively turning your pet containment/training furniture into your dog's very own den.

You can do this in one of two ways. Either through the use of dog crate covers or by choosing a covered crates. Crate covers are designed to go over an existing crate, while covered crates are a one-piece unit. The use and function of each create is very different, so it’s important to understand what each is before deciding which product you should choose. Crate Covers

Crate covers are classified as an accessory, such as crate beds and crate mats. They are additional, removable pieces that serve to make the crate more habitable and pleasant for the animal. Crate covers can also be used as training aids to temporarily calm an anxious or nervous pet. Dog crate covers are designed to go over a crate to block light and prevent your dog from seeing people or other animals in the same room as him. They are removable, so if you want to allow your dog more light, greater visible and fresh air at times, you can take off the cover and store it. When you need to limit their visibility to calm them down, or send them the signal that it's nap time or bed time, you put out the cover and voila. Your dog get a cozy, dark, quiet place to rest.

Another reason why you might choose a crate cover over a covered crate is that dog crates used in very public places, such as your living room don't generally blend all that well with your home decor. They may not look bad, but if you have a wood theme going on, a wire dog crate may look pretty out of place.

Crate covers come in a variety of styles and are designed to suit any decor. You can get a plain or neutral colored cover that helps your crate blend in with its surroundings, or, make it an accent piece by getting a luxury dog crate cover in a fabric that compliments your color theme and decor. The choices are virtually limitless.


(A Luxury crate cover)

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(Wire Dog Crate without a cover)

Covered Crates

Covered crates are one-piece units. The cover is built into the crate and is not removable. Typically, covered crates are made of plastic so that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. however, you can also find higher end styles such as wooden dog crates, which are more den-like in feel for your dog, meaning they feel less exposed and more secure. Many dog owners find used plastic covered crates for transporting animals in vehicles.

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(Plastic style dog crate - Provide decent privacy for your pet and are great for traveling, but not very attractive in your living room)

Covered wood crates are designed to be more stationary as they are heavier and are classified more as a piece of pet furniture. Typically, a covered crate has 3 sides, a bottom and a top that are made of plastic drilled with holes for ventilation.

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(Wood dog crates offers more privacy, but are attractive enough to use alongside your other furniture)

The front of the plastic crate is a wire door that can be opened, closed and secured. Wood dog crates usually have a wooden door with a latch. Covered crates, like wire crates come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of dog breeds.

Plastic covered crates or soft tent-like dog crates can be found at any pet store or mass merchandiser. They are relatively inexpensive and for that reason, they are preferred for travel or other types of rigorous use. The hard plastic covered crates are also more durable than wire or wooden crates, so they are better for situations that may result in an unusual amount of jostling or bumping.

Wooden dog crates, on the other hand, are a little harder to find. Shopping online for these types of crates is usually the best option. Some of the larger pet retailer carry some varieties, but depending on your needs and budget, you can find a wider variety and better quality online.

So What is the Difference Between a Covered Crate or a Crate Cover?

One of the major differences between a covered plastic crate versus a plain wire crate with a crate cover is that while both offer your dog greater security and limit their visibility, calm them down, etc., the wire crate with a cover is more versatile and can be changed if you decide to change your color scheme or home furnishings or taken off altogether at times when the crate could use more ventilation.

Your plastic or soft crate, while helping your dog feel cozy, may not be something you want to show off in a public area. It is however, the crate of choice for pet owners who travel a lot with dog in tow.

Pet furniture style wood dog crate, if within your budget, is the option that offers both the added security of a covered crate, while also being able to stand on its own alongside the rest of your furniture.

Deciding whether to use a crate cover or a covered crate depends on the situation and your personal preference. While a covered crate may seem like the most versatile choice, a crate cover can provide the flexibility needed in daily use.