A callus is a patch of rough skin caused by repeated exposure to a hard or abrasive surface. Dogs are prone to calluses on their elbows and back legs. It is common for dogs to also lose the hair over the callused area, leading to an unattractive, unkempt appearance. Luckily, calluses can easily be prevented with the use of high-quality beds for dogs, such as a Bowsers dog bed or a K&H dog couch. Most people are surprised to find out that just by getting your pet to use their bed, you can prevent calluses. In order to be successful, however, you need a well made dog bed of the appropriate size for your pet. The reason we recommend Bowsers dog beds and K&H products is that they are a premium brand of dog bedding that not only helps lessen existing calluses and prevent new ones from forming, but they also provide superior support and quality and they have taken our needs for having our dog furniture be aesthetically pleasing into account. In addition to using well cushioned dog bedding, you may also apply an ointment or lotion recommended by your veterinarian. A combination of medication and padded, supportive dog beds are the best way to help your dog recover from the callus while preventing new ones from forming. Whether you choose a Bowsers dog bed or a simple pet bed, the most important thing is that your dog comes to see their bed as a cozy spot to rest and lounge. Whether your dog is a toy poodle or a great dane may determine which type of bed your pet will prefer. Some breeds prefer a large open pet bed which allows them to stretch out. Other breeds will use their bed more if they feel safe and are able to snuggle up in their favorite spot. Observe your dog's favorite sleeping style and get a pet bed to match their needs. Then place the bed in your dog's favorite sleeping spot, as well as any other place he may lie down frequently. Having plenty of cushioned resting spots is the key to preventing calluses!