Older pets have special needs when it comes to bedding. While a young animal may be able to sleep virtually anywhere, changes in bone and body structure may make it difficult for your older pet to find a comfortable sleeping place or to rise from their sleeping place. As your pet ages, their needs will change and it’s important to find the right bed to suit their needs at every age.

When looking for a new pet bed for an older dog, it’s important to find something that offers support for their joints. Orthopedic dog beds are a great choice as they help take the strain and pressure off of aging joints so your dog wakes up feeling rested rather than sore. These types of dog beds come in a variety of sizes and styles, giving you the freedom to choose the right bed for your dog.

When it comes to brands, it’s important to pick a reputable manufacturer. Bowsers dog beds are known for being some of the best beds on the market. Their orthopedic collection is made with the highest quality materials that will stand up well to repeated use. Your dog will love the firm support of a Bowsers orthopedic dog bed and you’ll notice the change in the way he moves and walks after sleeping on the bed.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your dog is crate trained. Crate trained animals sleep in a crate and need bed that fits in the crate without taking up all the space. When searing for a crate bed, look for something that is the same dimension as the floor of the crate. It should completely cover the crate without going up the walls. You do not need a lip on the bed as the walls of the crate will confine your dog.

Finally, you need to consider the size of your pet. If your older dog is of a larger breed, raised dog bed or a dog bed in a raised crate will be easier for them to get into and out of than a bed that sits directly on the floor. Smaller dogs will appreciate dog beds that lack high walls, especially if their knees or hips are causing problems. Look at your specific dog and their individual needs to determine the right shape, size and height of dog bed.

When you find the right dog bed, your older pet will finally get the comfort and rest they deserve. Your dog can’t tell you whether they like their bed or not, so watch them for signs. They should enjoy going to their bed and when they awaken, they should look and act refreshed.