Are you considering adopting a dog from a dog shelter or the pound? If so, let me first begin by congratulating you! Rescuing a dog and giving him or her a home of their own, is one of the best feelings in the world. After you make the decision to adopt, your next consideration before you head the pound is what type of dog you are hoping to bring home. Having an idea on the size and breed will also help you in choosing the right sized dog crate, dog house or dog pillows and beds, but it will also prevent you from making an emotional decision once you see all the cute puppies and dogs who need homes. When deciding on the breed or mixed breed, factors to consider are: do you need a breed that is good with kids? If so, ask for help choosing a dog with a good temperament. Next, how much time do you have for a dog? Pet owners who are frequently on the go need a low maintenance dog and having a dog with high exercise or grooming needs may put a strain on a busy schedule. Another factor is what are you looking for in a canine companion? Are you looking for a hound who can get you up and out the door, or one who is more laid back and chilled that will help you relax and de-stress? Another factor to consider is your pet budget. The smaller the dog, the less you will likely spend on them between food, dog pillows and beds, dog crates and other essentials. Of course, whenever you adopt from the pound, you want to leave room for “love at first sight.” You may have an idea of what you’re looking for, but sometimes a dog will choose you. So unless there is some reason why it would not be a good idea (such as, you've got little kids and it's a notoriously aggressive breed) there's nothing wrong with going with your gut instinct. Now that you have decided on the basic breed, let’s focus on preparations that need to be made for the big day. First, be sure you’ve got the essentials supplies such as dog pillows and beds and dog bedding, a dog house or a dog crate, some dog food, a good collar and a sturdy leash before your bring the new hound home. With a little luck and a whole lot of love, the new member of your family should be happy, healthy and right at home for years to come.