Now that the cold days of winter are upon us, and snow is (finally) falling pretty much everywhere, you should make sure that your dog houses are properly heated and insulated. So, what exactly is considered good shelter for a dog during the cold winter months? It all starts with dog houses. You’ll need a house for your dog to sleep in that is well insulated, and possibly even heated. Dogs do a great job themselves of keeping warm, but why not give them a little extra help? Dog houses with foam or fiberglass insulation work best, and it’s also important to have a sturdy roof on their shelter, to help keep the heat, because heat, as we all know, rises. Next up, be sure to raise their shelter off the ground about 6-12 inches, and put some kind of insulation underneath to help shield it from the cold ground.

Now that we have the insulation figured out, it’s time to think about the inside of our dog houses. Dog pillows and beds are a necessity for any comfortable dog house. So you’ll want to use dog beds that provide the cushion and comfort your dog needs, particularly if you have an older dog. There are dog pillows and beds available for older dogs that have arthritis, so you may want to look into that as well. Next up we have dog pillows. Dog pillows may seem kind of silly, but if your dog has ever slept in your bed, you know how much a dog loves a good pillow. So provide your beloved canine with dog pillows that have all the comfortable fillings you can think of. If you follow these steps, your dog just may be cozier than you this winter!