So, you've picked out the dog bed you want. Whether it's a dog couch, a dog throw, bolster dog bed, or any other type of dog bed, there's still the same issue. Which size do you pick? You don't want to buy a great Dane sized bed for your chihuahua or vica versa. Some descriptions for the items may contain sizing charts, but how does that relate to your dog?

Here's some guidelines. There are two types of different sleeping habits that most dogs may possess one of. First, there are the cuddlers, these often need less spaces, but also need more security and warmth in a bed. Second, there are the sprawlers; these actually come in two different styles. There are those who enjoy sprawling on their side, legs and neck stretched out to the fullest extent, then there are the dogs who just spread out period. These two last ones will need the most space. Depending on what type of dog you have, the size you need will be different. Cuddlers won't take up as much space when they sleep because they often sleep curled up or with their paws tucked under them. Sprawlers on the other hand, need at least enough space that their legs will not be hanging off the bed.

Dogs that are about 15 lbs. should be comfortable on either a round bed at 18 inches across or a square bed that is about 10 inches longer than its length from nose to tail. Small dogs like these tend to be more inclined to be cuddlers, and will typically need less space, but when in doubt, opt for the larger size.

Dogs up to 25 lb will need a round bed at least 22 inches around or a bed at least 10 inches longer than its nose to tail length. Of course, if your dog is lighter, but has a longer body you'll need to adjust this to the size of your dog.

Dogs up to 35 lbs will need a bed 35 inches. For a square bed this size or larger, the best way to size the dog bed is to get it to lay down on a piece of newspaper. Measure the space on the newspaper that the dog takes up and add about 10 inches extra to that.

For round beds, dogs up to 50 lbs will need a 35 inches bed, dogs up to 80 lbs will need a 42 inches bed, and dogs over 80 lbs will need a bed that's at least 50 inches. As always, if in doubt, get a larger size.
Especially if your dog is still growing, or if you aren't sure about his sleeping habits. Just as you wouldn't enjoy having a mattress that's too short, dogs don't enjoy having a bed that is too small.