Spring break is right around the corner and guess what? We're going camping. Since our favorite pooch will absolutely be a part of camping crew, we thought we'd take a little time to research and share some tips on camping with pets. For starters, finding a pet-friendly vacation can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, camping is the one family activity where fido is always welcome. Dogs and humans alike can enjoy the thrill of sleeping in the outdoors and cooking over a wood fire by camping together. Both you and your dog will enjoy the rush of living in the wilderness and being unplugged for a few days or, hopefully, a whole week of fun. When camping, make sure you call ahead to make sure the campground you reserving is pet friendly. While it seems like any campsite should allow dogs, not all of them do. In today’s campgrounds, many spots are close together, so campgrounds try to segregate the animals to prevent other campers with allergies or just an aversion to dogs from being uncomfortable.

Always make sure you alert the campground that you’re bringing your pet. When packing for your camping adventure, you’ll also want to remember to bring a few things to make the adventure easier on your dog as well. Depending on the size or your tent, or camper, you may want to pack along a dog crate where the dog can sleep at night or where they can be left for short periods for their safety. Not only is this a practical consideration, but it's a safety one as well. While you may be able to keep your dog on a leash while you're around, setting up camp, etc., never leave your pet, especially a medium or smaller sized one, alone or unsupervised. Depending on where you live, coyotes, which hunt in packs, have been known to attack pets who are left on their own. Another great reason to have your pet's crate handy is it's a great way to calm an anxious or nervous dog.

Another thing many pet owners find helpful is a simple pet play pen. The pen can be set up at the site to allow your dog some off-leash time. Pet play pens are especially helpful for younger dogs that need a safe place to play with their toys. The playpen will also help keep your dog away from the campfire to prevent injuries.

Pet cots or dog hammocks are another piece of pet furniture which may come in handy when enjoying the great outdoors with your dog. The slight elevation off of the ground that pet cots offer not only keeps your dog cleaner, but it protects them from ant attacks and other insects, spiders and so on that may cause anxiety or discomfort.

If your dog has a favorite item or piece of pet furniture, such as their favorite dog bed or dog throw, or if they need a pet ramp to easily reach your car, etc. you may need to bring those along as well. Pet beds give your dog a comfortable place to sleep at the end of the day and can make a dog, who may be a little nervous about the unusual surroundings, feel more at home.

While none of this equipment is strictly necessary for camping, it can make your vacation a lot more enjoyable. Make the most of your time with your dog and enjoy exploring the outdoors together. Reconnect with your pet, refresh yourself and take some time away from the high-tech world by going camping with your dog whenever possible.

Tips on Camping with Pets