We all know our dogs need a place of their own to lay their weary heads and put up their tired paws. By choosing an eco-friendly dog bed solution, our dogs get the comfort they need and crave, while you can rest easier knowing you’ve taken a step to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the wonderful world we live in. More and more dog bed brands are creating eco-friendly pet bed collections. Bowsers dog beds, for instance, have a line of eco-friendly dog beds that are made using an “eco-tech” fleece fabric. These include the Bowsers Orbit, Bowsers Eco-Futon, the Bowsers Eco Tahoe for larger dogs and the Bowsers Eco-Buttercup for smaller dogs and cat. Their Eco-Tech Fleece is made using recycled plastic soda bottles which have been broken down to create a soft, luxurious, warm fleece fabric that looks and feels every bit as plush and cozy as its non eco-friendly counterpart. Dog beds made from natural hemp fabrics are another popular choice if you’re looking for eco-friendly alternatives. This crop is easy to grow and needs very little water. Hemp fibers produce a fabric which is very durable, strong and mold and fade resistant. The fill in an eco-friendly dog bed is also made using recycled fiber from recycled plastic soda bottles. By choosing an eco-friendly dog bed, such as Bowsers dog beds, you are keeping anywhere from 20 to 30 soda bottles from adding to landfills and, all without having to sacrifice the comfort, durability or design of your pet’s bed.