One of the newest trends sweeping the market today is Amish-built products for your home. The Amish have a long-standing reputation for quality, and anything that these skilled crafsmen produce is snatched up almost instantly. For pet lovers, Amish wood dog crates are one of the hottest selling luxury items. The difference between Amish wood dog crates and regular wood dog crates is the quality. Pet furniture and dog crates made by the Amish are made with higher quality materials and are built to last. Other wooden dog crates can be made with anything from particle board to hardwood, making the quality of other wooden dog crates uncertain. People prefer the Amish wooden dog crates because they know exactly what they’re getting. Another reason Amish pet furniture is so popular is because the style of Amish furniture blends well with today’s modern designs. You can get an Amish end table dog crate that will blend beautifully with your modern living room furniture, allowing your dog a safe and comfortable place to rest that you feel good about leaving in plain view. The desire to give pets a beautiful and functional place to rest has created a demand for designer dog crate manufacturers to try to match current styles and make multi-functional pieces. Choosing an end table dog crate or a designer dog crate is a great way to keep your furry friend comfortable while maintaining your homes style and decor. Choosing Amish wood dog crates over other styles of furniture style pet crates is the easiest way to meet the needs of both you and your pet. Your dog will enjoy the comfort and luxury of a designer dog crate, while you’ll enjoy the way it seamlessly integrates into your home.