This beautiful wood dog crate from Pinnacle Woodcraft is worth a closer look. Pinnacle Woodcraft Wood Dog Crate Entertainment Center

What sets this particular crate out from the rest is:

1) Its size. The jumbo version of this crate measures 47 inches in length (that’s one inch shy of four feet.) This dog crate is larger then most wooden dog crates and is too large to be use as a standard end table dog crate. This, in itself, is not a bad thing though. It's design was intended to be used as an entertainment center, curio table or sideboard.

2) Most wooden dog crates are not designed as an entertainment center which makes this wooden dog crate rather unique. By far the most common design is the end table. The end table in itself is very versatile and can actually be used in many parts of the home, but so can this crate. For the home decor conscious pet owner, a crate like this can offer many possibility.

3) While many wooden dog crates have excellent craftsmanship, not many are custom made. This crate is made to order giving you various choices, such as a top drawer, the color of stain, the addition of a wire grate (chew proofing it.) The turn around time is longer then most wooden dog crates, but what you are getting return is a crate that is crafted to your specs and a crate that is heirloom quality. The craftsmanship also stands out from other crates as this crate uses no plywood, particle board, or fiber board in its construction. The crate is manufactured using solid wood and old world woodworking techniques and boast feature such as mortise and tenon joints giving the crate strength.

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