Some dog owners are appalled by the idea of crating their pet, but others swear that their dog loves their crate and goes there frequently to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. If that describes your pet, you might want to consider getting a crate cover to enhance the effects of his or her crate.

If you are unfamiliar with crate covers, these are a fitted cover, usually made from a thick fabric or vinyl that covers the top and all four sides of a wire or wood dog crate. The front can usually be unzipped or rolled up so your dog can come and go easily. Dog crate covers dampen sound, block light and help insulate the crate to keep in warmth or to protect your pet from drafts. By making your dog's crate more inviting, warm and cozy, your dog will love using his crate even more, especially when used in combination with a crate mat.

There are several different brands of dog crate covers on the market. If you are looking for a budget, utilitarian cover, a Midwest crate cover may be your best bet. Midwest makes a very basic crate cover, but it does a great job at keeping the warmth in and providing your pet with privacy. This style is recommended if you keep your pet crate in a place that is out of sight and not very visible. If your dog crate is in a very public area of your home or you have chosen a more decorative furniture style crate such as an end table dog crate, a Bowsers luxury crate cover is an option which make be more in line with your needs. Bowsers crate covers are available in all the same durable, yet attractive micro velvet and microfiber fabrics Bowsers offers which makes it easy to find a print which matches your home's color scheme and decor. Bowsers also lets you pick out a crate mat and crate cover to match. Bowsers Luxury crate cover gives you both the traditional crate cover with the style and sophistication of a boutique brand. So, to sum it up, dog crate covers are a great way to create a more comfortable environment for your animal while helping enhance the look of the crate. Both you and your dog will benefit from a carefully crafted, well-made dog crate cover.