If you are in the market for a new dog bed and are considering choosing from one of the many "green" or eco-friendly dog beds available, you may be wondering what the difference is between regular dog beds and eco-friendly dog beds. The difference is the materials used to create the beds, and, to some extent, the types of manufacturing practices used to make the beds. Eco dog beds are made from recycled or biodegradable materials and contain no harmful chemicals. Most eco-friendly dog beds are also hypoallergenic and give your dog a comfortable place to sleep or rest without irritating his allergies. The types of materials used in each individual bed can vary by brand, however, most manufacturers of eco friendly dog bedding utilize a combination of green materials and recycled fibers to create beautiful, comfortable beds that are safe for your pet and the environment. One of the more common environmentally friendly techniques is creating eco pet bedding is to use poly fil and eco-tech fleece created by recycling plastic bottles. Other eco dog beds earn the distinction of being environmentally friendly by utilizing green manufacturing processes, natural dyes and recycled or biodegradable materials. On top of being safe for the environment, eco-friendly dog beds are also known for being stylish, comfortable and durable. You really can have it all when you choose eco dog beds for your pet. While you can find eco-friendly dog beds in select pet retailers or online, shopping on the internet is one of the easiest way to get the largest selection of dog beds at affordable prices. You’ll save time and money when you shop online for all of your eco dog beds needs.

Here are some of our favorite eco dog beds

Designer Oval in Natural Hemp Fabrics by Bowsers dog beds


This designer oval dog bed utilizes fabric made from natural hemp, but is also filled using a poly fil made from recycled plastic bottles. By Bowsers dog beds.

Cuddle Sleeper Oval by K&H - Fill made from recycled plastic bottles



These lovely Cuddle Sleepers by K&H also use recycled plastic bottles to fill the bed.


The Eco-Orbit - also made by Bowsers using recycled poly fill made from plastic bottles

This eco-Tahoe dog bed by Bowsers utlizes recycled plastic bottle fill and an eco tech fleece which is made from recycled fibers.