When you first adopt your new dog, you’re probably thinking about how dog ownership is going to change your life. You’ll have to wake up to take him out, housebreak him, feed him, walk him and do all of those other little things your dog needs done to be happy. If you think the change is big for you, imagine what your dog goes through. Suddenly he’s taken from his mother and thrust into a new house with new humans and he doesn’t know all the rules or how to communicate with his new family. The transition can be stressful, but you can help your dog adjust by creating him a special place within your home. A dog crate with a cover provides the perfect safe haven for your animal to go when they need some time away from their new family. Dog crates come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can always find the perfect fit for your home and your pup. Additionally, dog crate covers help create a dark and safe environment that will help calm your dogs nerves and make his crate into more of a den than a cage. There are many different types of dog crate covers on the market, however, Bowsers luxury crate covers are a popular choice amongst pet owners because you can a crate cover and crate mat to match, giving you the opportunity to add style and sophistication to your animals home. Depending on where in your house the crate will be kept, you may want to consider various alternatives for their style and durability. It’s important to give your dog their own space. Dog crate covers and crate mats help turn any crate into a relaxing destination for your animal. Think of your dogs crate as their bedroom, and choose the accessories that will help your dog feel calm and secure.