If you are looking for a portable soft dog carrier, take a look at the latest from Great Paw. The Intrepid Soft Pet Carrier is a soft dog crate designed with a sturdy semi-rigid frame that gives this soft dog crate it’s shape and sturdiness, while the three reinforced mesh windows make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Of course, another very important feature is the handy external elastic pocket designed to give you a place for your pet’s snacks, treats, water bottles, a leash – the essentials that you will need while on the road with your pet. The Intrepid comes in two trendy colors, black and pink, and also comes in small and large size to accommodate most sizes and dog breeds comfortably. Another new addition to the Great Paw soft dog carrier line is the Great Paw Haven Soft Playpen, a sturdy, yet portable dog pen that comes complete with heavy duty zippered doors and mesh covered windows that allow your dog to see out and get plenty of fresh air while remaining safe and secure in this portable dog crate. Use this to secure your pet while out camping or enjoying other outdoor activities where you want to know your dog is safe and protected from too much attention or from wandering or running off. You can also use it in temporary situations such as hotel stays or car travel, anywhere your pet needs a place to be safe and contained. This handy Haven Soft Playpen by Great Paw is fully collapsible and easy to set up or take down in seconds. A storage bag is included when you want to pack it away for travel or storage.