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About Us

Who are the faces behind the Dog Supply Network? Pet owners just like yourself. We are a family-run business, based in Humble, Texas, and our dogs are very much a part of our family. Having grown up with wonderful canine companions, when we were looking for a business that would also be our “passion” we realized our shared love of dogs was the perfect fit and so began Dog Supply Network along with its online specialty dog supply stores.

Our dogs are our daily inspiration as we work towards offering quality dog products and supplies specifically geared to meeting our canine friends’ needs for comfort, safety, security, training and just plain old fun. As dog owners, we have been frustrated many times with the skimpy, low quality selection found in many mega-pet stores and discount outlets. Good dog supplies are made to last and should meet the specific needs of you and your dog. That’s why we, at Dog Supply Network, have done our best to find just the right products at affordable prices to offer you the options you and your dog need. We do our best to provide you with excellent service and to make your shopping experience with us a fun one as you explore the many dog supplies and creative solutions that have been manufactured and designed by others looking to make the canine world a better place, one tail-wagging dog at a time.